Roots and Wings Music Therapy has limited availability to accomodate university-affiliated interns, job shadowing, capstone/high school project oversight, and volunteer hours.  



University Affiliated Internship

Internship Contact Information:

Stacey Surratt, MS, MT-BC

725 Providence Rd. Suite 332

Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 565-9870

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Equivalency Music Therapy students who are interested in university-affiliated internship must first seek approval from their program director before proceeding with the application process.  


Once approval is obtained, application includes submission/completion of the following:

  • Online internship application form

  • Statement from program director affirming eligibility (this may be via email)

  • Summary of pre-internship clinical experience including site names, populations, session types (group or 1:1), and hours completed. Additional related non-music therapy experiences may be included.

  • Example of clinical writing, including a sample goal/objective and a narrative (can be a SOAP note, assessment summary, progress summary, etc.)

  • Two letters of recommendation (these may be submitted via email)

    • one must be from a music therapy professor

    • letters should describe clinical, musical, and documentation skills, personal attributes, and areas for continued growth/learning

  • Interview

    • in person observation/interview is preferred, but video may be substituted in situations requiring significant travel​

    • interview will include screening of musical proficiency on guitar, piano, and voice

    • in person interviews may include client contact, in which case a signed confidentiality statement will be required​

Applications will only be considered when submitted through our electronic forms.  Email or phone inquiries will not be accepted.

High School Project or Volunteer Hours Application
  • Opportunities for high school students to complete capstone/service projects or volunteer hours are limited and first-come-first-serve. 

  • Due to the clinical nature of music therapy sessions, informed consent from clients must first be obtained before and direct observation is completed, so requests must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance; last-minute requests are not able to be accommodated.  

  • Personal transportation to travel between sites is required, and observation maximum is 10 hours per week.  

  • All observers must first complete a statement of confidentiality.  

  • Any written assignment stemming from observation of sessions may not include protected health information of clients, and must be turned in to supervising music therapist one week before school due date for editing and approval.

  • Response will be given in the case of approval.  If response is not given, approval is not obtained.